Movie theater etiquette is often something that has been broken for ages, with people bringing smartphones, cameras, or just having a loud conversation with their friend. However, Gundam is helping out some movie theaters with a new video, featuring Char Aznable and Garma Zabi, and teaching audiences what NOT to do while watching a movie.

The video features Char doing a few undesirable actions, from trying to record the movie, to having a loud conversation on the phone, to even kicking the seat in front of him. But as Garma played the straight man (tsukkomi) to Char’s idiot (bokke), he ain’t off the hook as well, as he was talking pretty loudly, which is a big NO in theaters.

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The video also teases the upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky movie, which will act as the ONA’s “director’s cut edition,” and will feature new footage not included in the ONA episodes. It will be approximately 70 minutes long, and will be screened in 15 cinemas across Japan starting 25 June 2016.