It has been six years since her last music video release, and Japanese music icon Utada Hikaru is back with two new music videos. These are new music videos for the new songs that she has released since her hiatus back in 2011.


The first video “Hanataba o Kimi ni” means “Bouquet For You.” The video features some stop motion animation by Keiko Tsuji. It serves as the theme song for the NHK morning drama, “Toto Nee-chan.”

Meanwhile, the second video is for the song,  “Manatsu no Touriame,” which means “Midsummer Shower.” Like the first song, this one also serves as the theme song for a TV show, but this time, it’s for the NTV news program, “NEWS ZERO”.

Both songs were released as singles on 15 April, and both were her first singles since returning to the industry. Longer versions of both of these songs can be found on Hikki’s own official website: