Conducting business in Japan can be a bit different, as several manners and actions must be done. What better way to show how to properly conduct a business that the synchronized dance group, World Order, who showed us the proper Japanese business etiquette in a new commercial for Real Gold Works energy drink called “Business Exercises: Elementary Level”.

  1. Exchanging business cards–How to swiftly reach into your pocket to procure a business card, then bow at a deeper angle than your partner (use those knees!)


2. Having a meeting–How to nod your head as you listen to someone speak, then slide your arms back and forth while voicing your agreement


3. Leaving the office– Remember to roll backwards as you get out of the office… or maybe not.


4. Catching a taxi– If taxis are ignoring you, try to step up your game by not just waving your hands, butr also by spinning your entire body.


And now you’re ready to conduct your business in Japan! The video also features the former leader of the group, Genki Sudo, who is stepping back as the leader of the group to focus more on directing and producing World Order’s sick dance moves and videos.

Source: Rocket News 24