Seiyuu Hiromi Hirata, best known for voicing The [email protected]’s androgynous dancer, Makoto Kikuchi and Zoids Genesis’s Ruji Familon, has now resumed posting in her blog after months of not posting anything. And her first post after returning? She announced that she has given birth to a baby girl!


In her post, she revealed that this is already her second child, and that she is happy to say that the baby is born healthy, though she mentioned that she is still trying to get used to the thought that her family will now be having four members. She then said that she wants to relax a bit while raising her child.


Hirata’s final post on her blog was back in February, and this has led her fans to wonder why she hasn’t posted since.

Now that her newest family member has been born, we would also like to congratulate Hiromi Hirata!

Source: ANN