When seiyuu reveal their marriages, they often don’t reveal who their respective partners are for the sake of privacy. One such seiyuu was Satomi Arai, who is best known for her role as Kuroko Shirai in the A Certain series. The lovable seiyuu with a cute voice got married back in 2012 and had a son with her soon-to-be husband back in 2010. However, like many other married seiyuu, she never revealed who her other half is… until now, as her husband turns out to be Yoshimitsu Shimoyama, who is also a seiyuu, and the husband of Arai’s character in Fairy Tail!


The revelation was made by Yoshimitsu Shimoyama himself, through his own personal blog. In his entry, he talked about Fairy Tail, and revealed some of the circumstances in their marriage, which happened when he was still 31 and Arai was still 27, and their son, 2. He said that he did not reveal his marriage, but Satomi Arai did, but did not tell people he was the one she married.

In Fairy Tail, Arai voices Bisca, the wife of Alzack Connell, who is of course voiced by Arai’s real-life husband, Yoshimitsu Shimoyama. Alzack and Bisca have a daughter named Asuka, and it seems that Hiro Mashima made the character in celebration of the real-life couple’s son. Their child was kept under wraps to the public, but many in the industry knew about it.

Meanwhile, Fairy Tail director Shinji Ishihira, was amused about the casting and how things turned out in real life. I guess they had a FAIRY TAIL wedding after all.

Source: Yaraon!