Dragon Ball’s Frieza is one of the most well known and endearing villains in Japanese animation. With the latest anime in the franchise, Dragon Ball Super, currently airing and about to enter a new arc, the planet-destroying villain makes his return. This time, he is terrorizing the Yahoo! Japan search engine… and this ain’t even his FINAL FORM!


If you go to Yahoo! Japan and search for the term, “戦闘力53万”, which means Power Level: 530,000, the ever-deadly DBZ villain will be making an appearance by hijacking the results’ search screen. But after you search and before Frieza will appear, a warning will first appear and say that loud sounds will play in the background, and they will include voice lines from Frieza himself (voiced by Ryusei Nakao), as well as Future Trunks, who is voiced by Takeshi Kusao. People can then select which voice they want to hear, or they can also move onto the search results. Those who opt to go to the search results will be greeted by Frieza, who will be asking the searcher whether he wants to join him in conquering the world.


There are two options for Frieza’s invitation. The first one, is to join Frieza in his quest for world domination, while the second option is to defeat him.

And if you search for “フリーザきせかえ”, which means Frieza Custom Screen, or “トランクスきせかえ”, which means Trunks Custom Screen, people can get customized Frieza or Future Trunks screens for their smartphones.

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The new Future Trunks arc started last 12 June in Japan.

Source: Natalie