When animation studio, Manglobe, filed for bankruptcy late last year, the Project Itoh animated film, Genocidal Organ, which the now-bankrupted company was producing at the time of their demise, went into production limbo.

There was alot of uncertainty about the future of the series, but Genocidal Organ has a new studio, and they have now released a new PV:

One of three Project Itoh films, which included Harmony and The Empire of Corpses, the film was originally slated to premiere last November, but Manglobe’s bankruptcy forced it to be delayed. Now, Heno Studio has taken the responsibility of producing its animation, and its new PV has revealed its winter release.


The trailer also features the movie’s theme song, “Reloaded” by Egoist, and also introduces us to the main character, Clavis Shepherd, voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura.