The upcoming Digimon multimedia franchise, Digimon Universe, also includes a TV anime adaptation. Following the launch of the franchise’s official twitter account, they also revealed the designs for not only a number of new Digimon, but also what seems to be one of the DigiDestined.


What seems to be the new protagonist’s yet-to-be-named partner Digimon, which has been teased in announcing the new multimedia franchise, has also been given a closer look. Here it is:


The TV anime will be slated to air in autumn 2016, and will be introducing AI lifeforms who live in smartphone apps called “Appmon”.


Aside from the game and the autumn 2016 TV anime, Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters is also getting itself its own digital card game for kids, a magazine, figures, and many more products. More details about this new Digimon project will be revealed on 9 June, during the Tokyo Toy Show 2016 event.

Source: Gematsu