An illustration from Chuuya Koyama’s space manga, Space Brothers, will be launching into space… literally! When an H-IIA rocket will launch later this year to put the Himawari 9 meteorological satellite into orbit, it will decorated with artwork done by the Space Brothers mangaka himself.


Called the “Dream Art Rocket Project”, it will launch TWO of Chuuya Koyama’s artworks into space with the H-IIA rocket and the Himawari 9 satellite. The first artwork is the one pictured above, with the manga’s characters as kids, and the second one would be featuring a rocket blasting off. Meowth that’s right.


These artworks will actually be made from a mosaic of artworks collected by kids all over Japan. The rocket will then take the children’s “dreams” into space as part of the project by Young Astronauts’ Club – Japan. The artwork must be about “Dreams.”

Young Astronauts’ Club – Japan is actually headed by the legendary Leiji Matsumoto, creator of Galaxy Express 999, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, and of course, his most famous work, Space Battleship Yamato. He said that “the dreams of the children will become one,” and he added that they wish that this will lead to their dreams coming true. Fans can submit their artworks until 12 June through this link:

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Source: Comic Natalie