Ahhhhh, Monopoly, the game which has destroyed so many friendships has just been given one titanic twist, as it is getting its very own and official Attack on Titan version by USAopoly. Monopoly had earlier released The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon versions of the game.


Like most Monopoly games, 2 – 6 players (ages 8 and up) can join in on the fun, as each player tries to build a squad strong enough to defeat the titans. The game kinda makes you wonder how much the properties inside the most inner walls must cost…

The game will cost US$39.95, and is already slated to be released in July. Hopefully, your friends don’t stab you in the back just to get some prime real estate… or leave you out of the walls for the titans to eat, because Monopoly players are like that.

Source: Crunchyroll