Cosplay is an expensive hobby, as cosplayers often spend tons of money for a single costume accessory alone.  However, a Fukuoka-based Japanese cosplayer, @Maxifactory, has found a way to make long sword blades in a really cheap way, and the best part is that he is showing us how.

In his tutorials, which he has posted on his twitter page, he shared that he used floor transitions, which are usually used to run along flooring material. For his cosplay swords, he used PVC floor transitions, which would make cutting easier.  As for its shape, he chose the one which is modeled after the Japanese character for “he” (へ), which is quite common in Japan. 1.82 meters of it costs about 520 yen.


He also used a metal rail track for sliding doors, which is then used to hold two of these floor transitions together. He then made the sword point by cutting out the edges. He then applied epoxy putty to fill out some gaps and give the cosplay prop a more realistic shape.

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He then applied aluminum foil tape to give the sword its metallic shine, before etching out the  sword’s hamon by lightly sanding a few wavy lines across the edge.

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He then presented his large sword by comparing it with another cosplay prop he did, which is a small blade which he used a cheap plastic paper holder to make. This means that this sword is really big.


And don’t forget, that’s just the blades, as for the handles, he has suggested using household items as well. Here are some of his works:

Source: Rocket News 24