Blizzard’s new highly-competitive shooter, Overwaifu Overwatch, has taken the world by storm. As it turns out, the game is really popular in Japan, as seen in the Japanese voice cast and fanarts. This is further proven, as some very famous artists have posted their own Overwatch artworks.

One of the famous Japanese artists who have made their own Overwatch fanart is So-bin. Those who are familiar with him know him as a renowned light novel illustrator, particularly the Overlord LN series. Here is his illustration for that one and only Doritos-munching, Mountain Dew-chugging gremlin, D.Va.


Another famous name drawing some D.Va love is animator, Akira “Akiman” Yasuda. Fans might know him as the character designer for Street Fighter, Turn A Gundam and Bodacious Space Pirates.


Now, D.Va has a few “gremlin” artworks out, and they present the Korean gamer as a Doritos-covered little demon. This is quite similar to the artwork done by the self-proclaimed Japanese kuso (crap) manga boy, Bukubu Ookawa. This has led the artist to do his own D.Va artwork, as well as the lovely Tracer.


And then there’s Otaku Roadhog…


Source: Crunchyroll