Earlier this year, Kumamoto Prefecture has been rocked by not one, but two massive earthquakes, which has displaced thousands of residents.

To show support for the victims, the Toshima Ward regional office held a special charity concert last 5 June with the theme, “We are with Kumamoto”. They were able to raise almost 2,000,000 yen, with the help of several performers. They also held a charity auction, which featured one peculiar character bento featuring Kumamon, which was sold for a whopping 600,000 yen!


The concert also featured performers of Chinese descent, and was supported by Chinese charities, as well as the ward’s local Chinatown, so the bento also featured a Panda, to show Chinese support for the victims of the quake. The initial bid for this bento started off at 500 yen, and then reached 100,000 yen, before being sold for 600,000 yen. The winners of the bidding for this character bento? A Chinese charity which is helping out the earthquake victims. Now that is true human generosity, bravo guys!

Prominent politicians, as well as officials from the Chinese embassy, attended the concert, which had performances which range from enka singers to erhu musicians (a two-stringed Chinese instrument played with a bow). Kumamon has to be really happy with this, however, this raises a new question: How does a 600,000 yen bento taste like?

Source: Rocket News 24