Thanks to the thrilling fantasy anime, Re:Zero, the demon maid twins, Ram and Rem, have now become two of the most popular maids in Japanese anime. And what better way to celebrate the popularity of Re:Zero than a collaboration with the popular Akihabara maid cafe, Cure Maid?


Cure Maid will be offering a special menu based on Re:Zero from 24 June until 3 July 2016. They will be offering special collaboration merchandise, as well as a menu which includes:

Subaru Return By Death pasta – 850 yen


Chibi Rem Wanted To Make Dinner Stir-Fry (using chicken instead of rabbit) – 1,000 yen



Rem and Ram Twin Parfait – 600yen


Three rounds of Shinimodori (Return by Death) Sweets – 700 yen


Various drink menu items (500 yen each)

Fans who buy the Blu-ray and order a special EMT drink – 500 yen with Coconut Ice Cream Lychee Jelly, pink grapefuit syrup, Calpis soda, and vanilla ice cream


They are also selling a special Emilia-tan mug for 1,500 yen, and those who order the Re:Zero menu items will also get some nice postcards.

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The fantasy anime has also teamed up with Go Go Curry, who will be giving away special A4-size clear files in their at their Akihabara Shop 1 and Akihabara Chuo Dori shop locations from 24 June until 1 July for every meal purchase.


And finally, renowned Japanese karaoke chain, Pasela Resorts, is also offering a special menu based on the anime from 24 June until 24 July in three different locations. They will also be offering free coasters to anyone who has purchased from their special Re:Zero menu.

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Now ain’t that just sweet? Now let’s finish this off with Emilia-tan herself!

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Source: Crunchyroll