Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is known for their DLC collaborations, which usually include costumes from other games like Senran Kagura. Of course, the game is also known for the really sext DLC costumes. Now, Famitsu has revealed their latest DLC collaboration, and it will be for that magical fantasy shounen manga by Hiro Mashima (which can also hand out fan service if it wants to), Fairy Tail!


More information about this collaboration will be given much more detail on the upcoming issue of Weekly Famitsu Magazine, which also takes also teases a Natsu Dragneel and a Wendy Marvell DLC costume.


The same issue also teases a new item for that other Dead or Alive game already out, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, which according to the magazine, promises to add a new item called a “Soft Lotion.” More details about this item, as well as the Fairy Tail DLC costumes, will be revealed in the future.

Source: Famitsu