Marvelous and Type-Moon’s new Musuo-style game for the Fate series, Fate/Extella, is adding two more servants in addition to the six previously-announced ones. These two new servants are Ruler (Joan of Arc) and Lancer (Countess Elizabeth Bathory).

Ruler (Joan of Arc) CV: Maaya Sakamoto


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Lancer (Countess Elizabeth Bathory)


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Also revealed are several new screenshots from the game, which feature a confrontation between Saber (Nero Claudius) and Caster (Tama no Mae), and their respective masters. Other screenshots also reveal Saber (King Arthur), Archer (Gilgamesh), and Archer (Shiro Emiya).

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And speaking of Gilgamesh, they also revealed his “Coldhearted Bloodless Warden” costume, which will come with the game’s various limited edition bundles.


Previously announced servants include Nero Claudius (Saber), Arthoria Pendragon (Saber), Attila the Hun (Saber), Shiro Emiya (Archer), Gilgamesh (Archer), and Tama no Mae (Caster).

Fate/Extella will be released in Japan on 10 November 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita consoles, and is promising to feature a total of 16 servants in the game.

Source: 4Gamer