After the reveal of the three new starter Pokemon for the latest Pokemon Sun/ Moon games, many fans were left wondering about the two legendary Pokemon also revealed in the video. A new video was just revealed, and it not only introduces us to the Alola region, but also these new new legendary Pokemon, which are Solgaleo and Lunala.

Solgaleo is the signature Pokemon for the Sun game, and it looks like a gigantic white lion. It is a Psychic/Steel-type, whose signature move is the Sunsteel Strike.


Meanwhile, for Pokemon Moon, their legendary Pokemon is a Psychic/Ghost-type named Lunala, and its signature move is called the Moongeist Beam.


The video not only revealed the two legendary Pokemon, but also takes a good look at the new Alola Region, as well as the human characters, which also include the player, Professor Kukui, his assistant Lillie, and a mysterious boy named Hau.

The game will feature a Pacific island theme, and will be set in the Alola region. Both games will be released for the Japanese and North American markets on 18 November, and will be released in Europe on 23 November 2016.