The Fate series is getting its very own Musuo-style game with Fate/ Extella, and now, the latest edition of Weekly Famitsu Magazine has revealed new details about the upcoming game, including its Japanese release date, as it will be released in Japan on 10 November 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita consoles.


The same issue also reveals that the original Saber herself, Artoria Pendragon, will be joining the game, along with Fate/ Grand Order stalwarts, Jeanne d’Arc and Elizabeth Bathory.

Fate/ Extella is promising to feature a total of 16 servants, and those three newly-announced servants will be joining Tamano no Mae (Caster), Red Saber (Nero Claudius), and Fate/ Grand Order’s Saber (Atilla the Hun), who were earlier announced to be playable characters in the game. More of these 16 servants will be revealed in the days ahead.


Source: Famitsu