Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin IV: Eve of Destiny will be concluding the origins story of Char and Sayla, and’s official YouTube channel has started streaming its very first trailer in two versions, which both tease a certain fateful encounter with a certain powerful Newtype girl…

English Dubbed

Japanese Dubbed/ English Subbed

The movie will be making its premiere in autumn 2016, with the series continuing with a new arc in 2017, which will be known as The Battle of Loum arc. It will also feature Char getting to pilot his red Zaku I, which earned him the nickname of the Red Comet.

Meanwhile, Independence Day: Resurgence is about to premiere in Japan on 9 July 2016, and the series has teamed up with Mobile Suit Gundam UC for a special collaboration. This new collaboration features the Unicorn Gundam replacing the Statue of Liberty in the movie’s posters.


While Gundams won’t really be appearing in the film itself, the two do share a similar theme, which is independence. For Independence Day, it focuses on Earth uniting as one to stay independent from alien invasion, and Gundam UC focuses on the independence of the space colonies.