In a science fiction crossover for the ages, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn has teamed up with Hollywood’s latest science fiction movie, Independence Day Resurgence. Previously, the crossover only featured a special visual, which had the Unicorn Gundam replace the statue of Liberty in the film’s poster. Now, we have a special video, where the Banagher, Full Frontal, and the Unicorn Gundam are inserted into several scenes in the Independence Day Resurgence trailer:

Makes you wonder if Earth’s chances against the aliens increased if Banagher and the Unicorn were added into the mix, huh? Well, Banagher really needs all the help he can, because that new alien ship is definitely “Bigger than the last one.”


While Gundams won’t really be appearing in the film itself, the two do share a similar theme, which is independence. For Independence Day, it focuses on Earth uniting as one to stay independent from alien invasion, and Gundam UC focuses on the independence of the space colonies. Independence Day Resurgence will premiere in Japan on 9 July 2016.