The practice of mimi-kaki (or ear-cleaning) in Japan often invokes intimacy, and that is the subject of a VR app from Eisys Inc. The app is called Nagomi’s Ear Cleaning, and it is getting released for Android and iOS devices. They are also bringing the app outside of Japan, as an English version has also been announced.

The app features the user as he/she rests his/her head on Nagomi’s lap, as she speaks to him/her. Nagomi, who is also the user’s in-story cousin, then proceeds to clean the ears.


She also has two seiyuu. For her English version, she is voiced by Eriko Yamana, while her Japanese version is voiced by Yui Asami. To get the full VR experience, players need to download the app on their phone, plug in a pair of headphones, and use VR goggles. The app will be available via

Source: ANN