P.A. Works, best known for excellent animation from anime like Nagi no Asukara and Shirobako, has opened a brand new studio for their animators to work on those gorgeous animation sequences. The famous studio is now looking for new animators to hire for the spring 2017 season, and they launched a new recruitment video to urge animators to work for them.

The 28-minute video features a tour of their new facility, which includes the work area for animators, as well as a look at the work which the new animators might be expecting to do in that new studio.


Those familiar with one of their best works, Shirobako, would know that the life of a Japanese animator is quite a stressful one, in fact, there are plenty of horror stories from animators who are overworked and under-payed. However, according to their recruitment page, P.A. Works will be paying 37,500 yen/ month for a 2-month period for their training (if they are accepted), and they will also get 8,000 yen worth of lunch money for their first year. In addition, they can also get to stay at the studio’s dorms for animators, which costs 15,000 yen a month, and that excludes the utility bills and service charges.