As we all know, there are two mangaka who are vying for the title of “hiatus king.” One of them is Hunter x Hunter’s Yoshihiro Togashi, and the other is Kentaro Miura, the mangaka behind Berserk. Young Animal magazine has announced that Kentaro Miura is finally back, and will be returning to write and illustrate more Berserk manga chapters for the time being.


The latest chapter will be revealed on issue #13, and will once again be serialized in Young Animal magazine. However, this time it will be serialized as a monthly title, as the magazine is released twice a month. This means that there will be a Berserk title in every other issue of the magazine, starting with issue #13, which will be released on 24 June.


This return comes as Berserk is finally getting a new anime adaptation, which will be animating Guts as the dreaded Black Swordsman for the very first time. The anime will be premiering on 1 July, which is just a week after the release of the new chapter.