Shigeru Mizuki has inspired countless mangaka with his works, and as he passed away late last year at the age of 93, a lavish funeral service was given to him from some of the biggest names in the Japanese anime, manga, and entertainment industries.

Now, approximately six months since his passing, the legendary mangaka has finally been laid to rest, and his tomb is something fitting of a mangaka such as Shigeru Mizuki himself. A tweet announced his burial in a custom tomb, together with a picture taken 30 years ago, when Mizuki became impressed with a custom tomb which featured two of his characters, Kitaro and Nezumi-otoko.

Mizuki was so impressed with the carver, that he dubbed him as “the Michaelangelo of Choufu”. The mangaka also said that he wants to design his own tomb himself so that he would be “sure he would be comfortable with it when it was his time to enter it.” This is why his own tomb has been designed by the legendary mangaka himself.

A veteran of World War II, Shigeru Mizuki became a manga legend with only one arm, as he lost his left arm while serving Imperial Japan in Rabaul, New Guinea, one of the bloodiest areas ever affected by the great war. He was being treated for Malaria when his hospital got bombed and then lost his arm, however, that did not stop him from being a mangaka. You can check out his life as an Imperial soldier here:

Source: Crunchyroll