Bandai’s Tabe Masu line of character tea sweets are always a really great way to enjoy tea with. Previously, they featured  Yo-Kai Watch and Doraemon, and now, it’s the turn of One Piece’s Tony Tony Chopper to get turned into one of these cute little morsels.


The Tony Tony Chopper versions come with two colors, and both come with chocolate filling. The first color is Chopper’s classic colors that we’ve known from the anime and manga.

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The second color is the one from the upcoming One Piece Film Gold, where Chopper is wearing a more formal attire.

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Part of Bandai’s Tabe Masu, or “edible mascot” line of Japanese sweets, they are actually made from kneaded mochi rice flour and sweet bean paste and moulded into the lovable pirate mascot from Eiichiro Oda’s manga masterpiece.


Each one of these cute little sweets are sold for 250 yen, which would pretty much be a bargain for these cute little sweets. They are released to celebrate the upcoming One Piece Film Gold movie, which is slated to premiere in Japan on 23 July.

Source: Rocket News 24