Anime and film pirates in Japan, beware, because the Japanese Government’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, together with the Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA), as well as several anime and film distributors and broadcasters, have sought the help of a so-called “Pirate Hunter” to beef up their efforts against piracy.


This “Pirate Hunter” will be monitoring video-streaming sites and will be determining if that site contains pirated material by watching their videos one by one. Yes, that’s A LOT of work, but this one is said to be an expert on such matters, and his presence will certainly beef up the war against anime piracy.

He/she will begin working next week, and whenever this expert determines that a video contains pirated material, then this would lead to the Japanese government determining what legal action to pursue against the streaming site or the uploader. He/she will not only be “hunting” for pirated anime, but also live-action films and dramas.

The Japanese government actually has its own sophisticated software which cracks down on illegally-uploaded content. However, this really is not enough, as videos are often edited to fool these computers. To expand their net even further, expert human eyes are needed, and that is where the “Pirate Hunter” comes in.

Source: Rocket News 24