Back in March, Studio Ghibli (Japan’s most famous animation studio) animated one of Japan’s most historic scrolls, which is called the Choju Jinbutsu Giga, or Scrolls of Frolicking Animals. Using their legendary animation techniques, the studio made what was essentially “Japan’s” first manga, and made the animals featured in the scroll come to life.

The studio has never been known for doing sequels, but in this case, they did, and they have recently animated even more scenes depicted in the scroll, in a video titled Tsureai (“Partners”).

The studio even included a few stamps from the original source material to complete that authentic ancient Japanese art look! This just shows how meticulous Ghibli can be when it comes to details.


The videos were done for the Japanese energy company, Marubeni Shin Denryoku, which is promoting its shift to low-pollution, renewable wind, water, and solar-based energy production. The shift is good for the environment, and what better way to announce it than by having Studio Ghibli animate one of Japan’s most historic scrolls about nature, right?

Source: Rocket News 24