Want to be a star in Japanese entertainment? Then here’s your chance! One of Japan’s Leading Entertainment Companies, Avex Group Holdings Inc., is hosting a talent search in the United States in July. This is to “discover the next generation of top entertainers active in Japan, Asia, and around the world.”


The auditions won’t just be for musicians, but talents of all genres such as dancers, models, actors and rappers. The auditions will be held between 22 and 31 July 2016 in Los Angeles, California.


But who is eligible to join? Here are the rules:

Audition Entry Eligibility and Conditions Application Eligibility

● No age, gender, or nationality is required (Preferably between 8 and 18 years of age)

● No visa status is required

● Candidates need to understand Japanese to qualify for the application

● Minors need to submit the consent from their parents/guardians

● Only amateur performers can apply (Must not be signed to any management company at the current time)

Audition Process

● First round screening (preliminary audition): resume, profile document and video demo judgment

● Second round screening: performance (singing, dancing, self­PR, etc.) and interview

● The second round screenings are scheduled to take place on:

○ Fri, 8/26/16 in New York

○ Sat, 8/27/16 in Los Angeles

○ Sun, 8/28/16 in Tokyo (*Detailed information on the second round screenings will be provided only to candidates who have passed the preliminary audition. )

Application Method

● avex star search audition 2016Registration Page: http://avex­audition.jp/audition/152/

● Only online entries (no mail entries) will be accepted

● Photos, Performance and Self­PR Videos are required (eg, singing video for singer, self­PR video for model and actor)

● Detailed Instructions:

○ Visit the registration page on a PC or Smart Phone: http://avex-audition.jp/audition/152/

○ Click ENTRY at the bottom of the page

○ Fill out the registration form and upload two photos of you (one upper body and one full body), and you are registered to the audition

○ If you would like to upload any supplementary sound files, please use any of the following file types: mp3, m4a, aiff, aif, wav and wma

○ If you have uploaded your performance video to YouTube, please include the link in the “Homepage/Blog URL” field

○ If you are applying as a group, list out each member’s name, age, nationality and current country of residence in the “Members’ information” field at the bottom of the page

So what are you waiting for? The Avex Star Search Audition 2016 might be your chance to hit the big time, so apply now!