Anime Festival Asia Thailand announces the line up of guests and featured content. During the Press conference conducted at MBK in downtown Bangkok, team AFATH16 brought much exciting news, announcing the appearance of  Animate, Aniplex, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and various very strong partners!

One of many first!

It is announced that, the music powerhouse, Avex Asia will for the first time be part of the organizing committee. Bringing their expertise and resources together with the existing committee members to bring about more for the attendees!

Stevie Yoshida, President, Avex Asia, Picture by Akibatan

Sword Art Online

Aniplex to feature the merchandise from Sword Art Online, featuring the exclusive Thailand costume version of Asuna and Kirito.

Picture from Akibatan
Picture from Akibatan


Sony Interactive Entertainment for the first time in Thailand will also be showcasing a hands on playable version of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV, as well as the World of Final Fantasy.

Picture from Akibatan

Love Live Sunshine!

Not to mention, Love Live – Sunshine will be featured for the first time in Thailand, and special guests includes Kanako Takatsuki and Ai Furihata.

Picture by Akibatan

Additionally, guest cosplayer Konomi Akira from Japan told some time off to grace the press conference, lending some of the star power from the popular cosplayer.


Not to mention, the list of featured anime and guests have also be announced,

Fellow official media partner was there streaming the event live on facebook.

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