Otogi Nekomu is one of Japan’s most popular cosplayers, and in her twitter page, she made an important announcement. She tweeted that she has now married mangaka Kousuke Fujishima, who is the man behind the Oh My Goddess! manga series.

In her tweet, she said that she will be continuing her cosplay activities, though she apologized for the sudden announcement. She then added that she will do her best as a mother, and said that she hopes to come back as a “mama-layer”.

Her agency, HoriPro, also released a statement regarding her sudden marriage and pregnancy, and confirmed that the 20-year old cosplayer did indeed marry the 51-year old mangaka. They added that Otogi Nekomu expressed her willingness to continue her work as a cosplayer “within her capabilities at the meantime.” They then added that she will return once she has given birth and is in good health, and thanked everyone for their support. Here she is cosplaying one of the characters created by her husband for Oh My Goddess, Peorth.

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To Otogi Nekomu and Fujishima-sensei, we wish you all the best in your new married life together, and wish you to have a happy and fruitful marriage!