The official website for the Doraemon movies has just been updated, and it reveals new details on the 37th and latest Doraemon film.

According to the website, the new movie will be taking Doraemon, Nobita, and the rest of the gang into Antarctica, and the new movie will be titled “Doraemon the Movie 2017: Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi”


According to the website, this latest Doraemon movie will be making its premiere sometime in spring 2017. The website also revealed that the film’s first trailer will be revealed later this month on 22nd July.

Like many of the Doraemon movies, this one will be having an original story.

The team will be making use the Docodemo Door, also known as the Go-Anywhere-Door. With Doraemon, Nobita, and the rest of the gang visiting Antarctica, where they discover a mysterious creature and some mysterious ancient ruins which hold a lot of secrets.