We’ve seen it coming miles away, as one of the two kings of manga hiatuses is at it again! Mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi is going on another break, just a few months after returning to work last March. This means that Hunter x Hunter will be going on hiatus… AGAIN.


Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is set to make the announcement official in their next issue. They will also be announcing that the manga will be on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. The last time Togashi went on a hiatus, it lasted for almost two years, and before that, it lasted longer.

The mangaka has also been citing cryptic author messages in Jump about his health since his return. This of course, has led to many fans rolling their eyes and bracing themselves for yet another long period without a new Hunter x Hunter chapter.

Togashi has become infamous in Japan for his long and frequent hiatuses, and readers have often nicknamed his manga as “Hiatus x Hiatus”. Shonen Jump and Togashi would often cite health problems for his hiatuses.

Source: Buzz Plus News