The next issue of Weekly Famitsu Magazine will be announcing new additions to Marvelous and Type-Moon’s upcoming Musuo-style action game, Fate/Extella. Their official website has revealed a teaser image from the pages of the issue, and it reveals who the three new additions are.


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According to the scans, the new additions are Gawain, Lu Bu, and Karna. In the original Fate/ Extra and Fate/ Extra CCC games, Gawain served as a Saber-class servant, much like his king, King Arthur, the original saber. On the other hand, Lu Bu served as a Berserker in the Fate/ Extra games, while Karna, a demigod from Indian mythology, served as a Launcher-class.

Aside from the new additions, the games’s previously-revealed servants include the original Saber (King Arthur/ Arthoria), Red Saber (Nero Claudius), Archer (Gilgamesh), Archer (Shirou Emiya), Ruler (J’eanne D’Arc) and many more.


Fate/Extella will be released in Japan on 10 November 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita consoles, and is promising to feature a total of 16 servants in the game.


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