One Punch Man creator, ONE, is having one of his other hilarious works shown this season, and that is Mob Psycho 100. Much like One Punch Man, the anime is currently one of the hottest titles this season. The anime (and ONE himself) is known for its amateurish artworks, they are offering fans a chance to feature their own fanart (as well as their cosplays) in the anime itself!


To enter, fans must post their Mob Psycho 100 entries via twitter with the hashtag. #モブ_イラ所 and also include the words and include 応募規約に同意した, which means that the entrant agrees to the terms and conditions of the contest. All entries must be still images, be it artworks or even photos of their Mob Psycho 100 cosplays and character bentos.

Each week will feature a different person to select the piece to be featured in the anime, and they are:

  • Episode 6 (21st – 26th July): Setsuo Ito (Mob’s seiyuu)
  • Episode 7 (27th July – 2nd August): Akio Ohtsuka (Ekubo’s seiyuu)
  • Episode 8 (3rd – 9th August): Takahiro Sakurai (Reigen’s seiyuu)
  • Episode 9 (10th – 16th August): Masahiko Minami (President of BONES)
  • Episode 10 (17th – 23rd August) Yoshimichi Kameda (anime’s character designer)
  • Episode 11 (24th – 30th August): Yuzuru Tachikawa (anime’s director)
  • Episode 12 (31st August – 6th September): ONE

The fan-submitted works will be used as the backdrop for the anime’s sponsor announcements, which will be shown halfway through each episode. Those works that are not chosen will still get the chance to be honored, but they will be shown on the anime’s official website and twitter page.

Source: Comic Natalie