Hideaki Sorachi’s Gintama manga has been known for trolling its fans, but it seems that the mangaka is dead serious about his promise to have the manga enter its “final arc”. According to this year’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue #32, the comedy manga will be entering the final arc in its next volume.


Previously, Sorachi revealed in the release of the manga’s Vol. 63 tankoubon compilation that he will be starting the “final arc” in 2016. However, he also admitted that he still does not know when the manga will exactly end. He said that he does not know if Gintama will be ending this year or next year.

The mangaka hinted on his plans to end Gintama during last year’s Jump Festa event, and he received letters which sought to clarify if the manga is indeed ending. His announcement in the manga’s latest volume is to clarify his intentions to have the manga enter its final arc in 2016, which he announced during the said event.

Fans of the hilarious 4th-wall breaking parody manga were quite upset with the announcement. However, many have said that they respected Hideaki Sorachi’s decision, while others are suspecting that Hideaki Sorachi is only trolling (like he usually does in the manga), and is planning to make this “final arc” really long and last for a few years or so. No exact date on when the manga will exactly end has been announced so far.

Source: ANN