They say that necessity is the mother of inventions, and Pokemon Go players have been getting tired arms from holding your smartphone for long hours. But in Japan, players have invented an ingenious new accessory that lets you conveniently rest your hands while exploring and finding new Pokemon.


This new invention or life-hack is called the “Poke-Han” or Pokemon Hanger, and it costs a measly 100 yen! And the best part of it is that players can make it themselves!

According to the people over at Rocket News 24, wearing this contraption might be a bit embarrassing at first, but that embarrassment quickly disappeared as they managed to have an easier time playing Pokemon Go. The “Poke-Han” also serves as a safety measure for some people, as it allows players to also look at where they are going while still searching for Pokemon.


So this invention not only lets players rest their hands but also increase their awareness and field of vision? now that’s certainly a huge help, which hopefully prevents any more Pokemon GO-related traffic incidents. But still, remember never to play the game while driving, even with the Poke-Han.

Source: Rocket News 24