On the 17 July episode of the Nippon Cultural Broadcasting (also know as Bunka Housou) radio programme, “Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke’s Dear Girl Stories”, voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya made an announcement pertaining to the news that was published in weekly magazine, “FLASH”, about his alleged marriage. I am sure that after reading about this piece of news and hearing comments flying from all directions, you are dying to hear what the man himself has to say.

The following is translated to the best of my ability.


“Before we start the programme, I would like to take the opportunity to deliver a message to all the listeners out there. I am sure you all know what I am referring to, this is with regards to the article which was published in the weekly magazine, “FLASH” this week, regarding my private life. First, I do apologise if this news has caused worry or pain to anyone, I am very sorry about it. If I were to say something light-hearted about this, it would be that, that photo of me should have been more properly taken! *laughter from the rest of the radio crew* If only that photo was taken when I have had makeup on! What you saw in that photo is the usual plain and dull me. I hope you can tell from that photo that I prefer not to share, show the public about my private life.  

However, it was unfortunate for me that this time around, my private life has been exposed in this photo, and truthfully, I myself am quite shocked about it as well. To me, I really treasure and wish to protect whatever it is in my private life, and I would like to ensure everyone that on top of what exists in my private life, I am still the same Hiroshi Kamiya that you all know.

tumblr_m82pvtfGjq1qavr2xo4_400For me, I feel that it is best to not bring my private life into my work, and rather than prioritising what I personally want to do, I will usually put the audience/listeners first, and do what the audience would enjoy. Also, I try my best not to make any false statements at all. In my job as a voice actor, be it in anime or on radio shows, I try to stay as close to the context of work/ radio programme as possible. I strongly believe in this policy, and do not feel that there is anything wrong with that.

With regards to those who attend events that i have participated in, or listened to radio programmes that I am in, ensuring that everyone enjoys these events, is what is most important to me. I sincerely, hope that the public will not adversely react to this situation. I have missed a proper timing to make this announcement regarding my private life before it was reported by the media, and so, I believe that my actions have resulted in this current situation.

However, I am very lucky to have very supporting staff members who work together towards a common goal, which is to provide good entertainment for everyone, and I am sure that all their efforts resulted in a successful DGS Expo which was held a few weeks ago. From now on, with this same mindset, I will continue to strive to create good entertainment for everyone.

As I do not have a personal blog or twitter account, I have gotten permission from Nippon Cultural Broadcasting as well as the sponsors of this radio show, to say a few of my personal thoughts. I promise you that after this commercial break, we will return to our usual lively radio show atmosphere, so please stay with us!”

At this point, his radio show partner, Daisuke Ono could not help but comment, “Well, the person in front of me is the same dull old man,” to which Hiroshi Kamiya replied, “well yes! Sorry for being a dull old bloke all the time! (laughs)”

“No don’t be! Please continue laughing along with me on this show,” replied Daisuke Ono.

Below is the full audio of episode 484 of Dear Girl Stories.

Well said, Hiroshi Kamiya! Hopefully this message helped sort the situation out a little. No matter how much we love our seiyuus, invading their privacy is a big no-no.


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