Two huge earthquakes have left many people in southern Japan homeless and hurt, and with the ongoing relief efforts for its victims, Kit Kat has joined the fray and offering some help. They have are now introducing the new “Kumamoto-cha” or “Kumamoto Tea” flavors, with Kumamon himself in the packaging, and a portion of its sales will be going to repairing the damage caused by the quakes.


These chocolates are part of Kit Kat’s “Big Little” product line, and fittingly, Kumamon is leading the charge. The lovable bear mascot has been working very hard in raising morale for southern Japan’s earthquake-stricken residents, previously being featured in Kit Kat chocolates with messages of hope for the victims.

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Each pack of this new  “Kumamoto Tea” flavored Kit Kats cost 140 yen, and for every pack sold, 10 yen will be going to the Japanese Red Cross Society, which will then use the money in the Kumamoto relief efforts.

Source: Rocket News 24