Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are two of the most anticipated games for the Nintendo 3DS this year. There is still a lot of mystery regarding its new Pokemon line-up, but this new trailer for the games has shed some light on seven new Pokemon.

As the video revealed, the seven new Pokemon are:

  • Kapu Kokeko (Electric/Fairy type)
  • Denchimushi (Bug/Electric type)
  • Kuwaganon (Bug/Electric type)
  • Jijiiron (Normal/Dragon type)
  • Hagigishiri (Water/Psychic type)
  • Aburii (Bug/Fairy type)
  • Togedemaru (Electric/Steel type)

As of writing, they have still not revealed the English names for these seven new additions.  The video also previews two of the Legendary Pokemon, Zygarde’s forms.


Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will both be released for the Japanese and North American markets on 18 November, and will be released in Europe on 23 November 2016.

It will be available for the Nintendo 3DS platform, in a Hawaiian-inspired region called the Alola region. Here, trainers can choose one of three Pokemon, and they are Rowlet (Grass/ Flying), Litter (Fire), and Poplio (Water). Pokemon Sun will have the lion-like legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo, as its featured Pokemon, while Pokemon Moon will be having the bat-like Lunala.