Blue Exorcist is scheduling an “important announcement”, complete with a “mystery countdown timer” for that announcement. However, a new leaked image has reveead that a new TV anime for Kazue Kato’s fantasy action manga is in the works.


According to the leaked image, the new anime will be scheduled for 2017, and it will cover the manga’s Kyoto Impure King Arc. The image also promises that a PV for the new anime will also be released.

This will be the series’ second TV anime adaptation, with the first one being released back in 2011. The manga also received an animated feature film as well as an OVA.

As of writing, the website listed in the image is still counting down to that “important announcement,” and as there is still no official word on this leaked image, we can still only wait for that countdown to reach zero to get more information.

 Source: Crunchyroll