Hollywood entertainment website, Variety, has confirmed that the speculations regarding the plans for a live-action Hollywood Pokemon movie turns out to be true. According to their report, Legendary Pictures (Pacific Rim), has already secured the right in making its own Hollywood version of Pokemon, and it will be based on Detective Pikachu!


With Pokemania sweeping the United States and people talking about Pokemon once again because of Pokemon GO, a Hollywood version of the games comes to no surprise. However, many fans also saw the choice of adapting Detective Pikachu instead of the main games, manga, and anime as a smarter choice.

While the three other Pokemedia have a much-stronger following, especially the main games, Legendary may run the risk of alienating their much more hardcore fanbase. However, Detective Pikachu can be seen as a more family friendly approach, and as its fanbase is not as well-established, many see it as the smarter choice for now.

According to Variety’s report, shooting will begin in 2017, though not much information has been named for now. TOHO will be distributing the movie in Japan, while Universal Pictures will be distributing the film everywhere else.

Source: Variety