Since the live-action movie adaptation of Gintama was announced, fans have been debating about the movie and its cast members. Now there’s a new announcement that has spark more excitement, whereby fans might have a chance to star as an extra alongside Oguri Shun, the actor who will be playing the main role of Gintoki.


There is no age restriction in this casting call, though minors still need to get their parents’ permission to audition. Like many movies, there are strict rules for extras, as they are not allowed to take pictures of the set, ask the actors for handshakes or autographs, or even bring their friends along… unless they’re extras too of course. These extras are considered as volunteers, which means that travel or lodging will not be compensated, though they will receive food and undisclosed prizes.

Warner Brothers has also launched a new website for the live-action adaptation, though there is a bit of a gag. The website will look different every time you hit the refresh button.


Not much information has been given about this live-action Gintama movie, but what we do know is that it will be making its premiere in 2017 and that filming will be from early July to September. More details will surely be revealed in the days to come, so stay tuned.

Source: ANN