Wake Up, Girls! 3rd Tour at Maihama Amphitheatre

Let’s take a look at what will be happening in the world of Wake Up, Girls! this summer!

As early as the very first stop of the 3rd tour for Wake Up, Girls!, many new projects were announced for the franchise. Excited fans already can’t wait and are eager for the release of these interesting new developments. In this article, we will round up the 3 biggest upcoming new projects for the girls this summer!


First off… regarding MUSIC!

The long-awaited follow-up to their wildly popular solo song series, Wake Up, Girls! Character Song Series 2 will be releasing this year on 28th September!
Each of the new character songs will be performed for the very first time at their tour locations by that location’s spotlight girl, so keep an eye out for more news of the other character songs to be revealed soon as the tour progresses!


Next up… for COLLECTIBLES!

The much anticipated Wake Up, Girls! trading card collection will finally be making its release this September. All you fans of trading cards out there definitely will not want to miss out on this feast for the eyes. These cards come in a variety of themes, from the recently organised bus tour event to shots of them in their everyday clothes (even pajamas!), with a total of 131 beautiful cards to collect. If you are lucky enough, you might even find one with their printed signatures in your pack! Start your preorders for these wonderful cards now or you will regret missing out on them!

And finally… A NEW STAGE PLAY!

Wake Up, Girls! is going to be adapted onto the theater stage! The live stage plays will be based on the plot and world of the Wake Up, Girls! Anime and Movie, and the main roles will all be performed by the Seiyuus of each respective character in the group. These performances will be taking place near the start of 2017, at the acclaimed AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo.

With the dream of having both 2D and 3D idols performing live for all you Wake Up, Girls! fans coming true, the perfect world of 2.5D is not simply a fantasy anymore!