The new Berserk TV anime has gotten many fans interested in Berserk again, and the new anime not only follows Kentaro Miura’s manga, but also features some original stories as well. The first one in the new anime is in Episode 3, however, it seems that the series creator is a lot more hands-on for this project than one might think.


The anime skipped the “Lost Children” chapter of the manga, and instead went with an original story for the third episode, but fret not. Issue #15 of this year’s Young Animal magazine has revealed that Miura himself was involved in the story of the third episode, which is an original story.

With Miura’s help, the original-story episode, titled  “Night of Miracles,” took some elements from the manga’s Vol. 14 and added a few more Miura magic. The mangaka himself also helped out in the designs for that episode.

Well now, seems like the manga veteran is really working hard on Berserk these days, so let’s just hope he continues working on his manga soon, because we might not know when he will decide to pull another hiatus, which he has also been known for.

Source: Comic Natalie