Japan has a host of weird dating sim games, from one about meat, to one about pigeons, and their latest one is just as weird. There are a lot of masochists in Japan, and this new game just proves that, and it is called Anata no Koto ga Kirai Desu –Seishun Bishojo Renai Adventure–, or I Hate You –A Youthful Love Adventure with Beautiful Girls–.


Developed by SEEC, the game is filled with girls who are definitely not “tsundere”, but will actually and genuinely hate your guts. As you start the game, there will be a warning which looks like this:



In this game, you will not be able to make the girls like you.

People who are not mentally resilient should not play this game under any circumstances.

We accept no responsibility for those who suffer ill effects to mind or body after playing. Thank you for you understanding.

Like tsundere, the girls in the game will be showering you with insults left and right, but unlike actual tsundere, they don’t secretly like you or are still in denial that they like you. Instead, these girls genuinely hate you and don’t want to be anywhere near you… OUCH!

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Strangely, this game has plenty of positive reviews, despite players getting showered with negative comments from the girls.

“This feels more human than those games with ditzy girls who appreciate and praise you just because you helped them out a little.”
“Yeah, this is more realistic than a poorly made romance game (no, I’m not crying!).”
“This has helped me reexamine myself.”

Realistic indeed. The game is now available as a free download for iOS devices here and in Android format here, though it definitely ain’t for the weak of heart.

Source: Rocket News 24