Late last month, world-renowned cosplayer, Otogi Nekomu, shocked everyone when she announced that she had gotten married to Oh My Goddess! mangaka Kousuke Fujishima. She also announced that she is now pregnant, and the announcement of her pregnancy and marriage has sent Japanese social media abuzz.


While Otogi Nekomu’s twitter has lit up, one man seems to have stayed silent, and that is the groom himself. Throughout the past couple of weeks, Kousuke Fujishima has stayed quiet… until now. In a tweet posted last 7th July (which also happened to be his birthday), he shared the good news:

“In our private time, me and Otogi got married, and I would like to keep doing my best in making manga and raise our baby together as a couple.”

When they got married, Otogo Nekomu was 20 years old, while Fujishima was 51. Otogi Nekomu, who was born with the name Mitsuki Okuyama, now has the legal name, Mitsuki Fujishima.

To Otogi Nekomu and Fujishima-sensei, we wish you all the best in your new married life together, and wish you to have a happy and fruitful marriage!