Despite what many think, shoplifting is still a huge problem in Japan, so Shonen Jump! magazine has introduced an unlikely pair to discourage some kids from stealing from stores. Ironically, they are a pirate and a police officer, and they have a special message for shoplifters.


In a poster, One Piece’s Monkey D. Luffy and KochiKame’s Kankichi Ryotsu kids not to shoplift, in a message which reads “Good Kids don’t Shoplift!”

While Kankichi makes a lot of sense because he is a police officer, his new partner has raised a few eyebrows, because everyone knows that Luffy is a pirate, and pirates are known for stealing stuff. Maybe its just for Luffy’s popularity, but then again, Luffy hasn’t really stolen anything in One Piece.

In the end, the anti-shoplifting poster has gotten a lot of laughs back in Japan, as many have pointed out the irony of a pirate encouraging people not to steal. As for Kankichi… well, I guess he won’t be arresting that new partner of his any time soon.

Source: My Game News Flash