Today is the 19th of June, or as the rest of the world calls it, Father’s Day. This is the day in which we celebrate those special guys in our lives, our dads, who have showered us with love and care, as well as giving us discipline and shaping us into who we are.

However, in Japanese anime, much like real life, there are fathers who are a little bit on the bad side, and care little about their children, or not at all. These fathers don’t care if their kids died at all, in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if they just laughed if they ever saw if their kid died. While Father’s Day celebrates all dads, we say these dads don’t deserve to be celebrated, and we take a look at three of them, starting with:

Gendou Ikari (Evangelion)


Gendou “The World’s Greatest Dad” Ikari is a must in our list, as he has not only treated his son, Shinji, really really badly, he also only treats him as a pawn in his schemes. He would rather have his son, who has developed severe mental and emotional scars, pilot a giant robot (and almost getting killed a lot of times in the process) rather than spend time with him and help him out, you know, like any good father would.

His mistreatment of his son range from simple simple abandonment to forcing him to get inside the freaking robot. And remember that list of “Bad Mothers” we did back in Mother’s Day (which also came with a list of good moms by the way)? Remember Ragyou “The World’s Greatest Mom” Kiryuin? Well, apparently, the two them them had written a book about being a good parent…


Charles Zi Britannia (Code Geass)


He exiled his own children, his actions have led to his youngest daughter being traumatized, his son wants to kill him and making him lead a revolution in order to do so, and he becomes amused when his kids try to kill each other… but does he deserve being celebrated during Father’s Day? That’s not really a tough question, is it?

Shou Tucker (Full Metal Alchemist)


At first glance, Shou Tucker really loves his adorable daughter, Nina. However, as we soon find out, looks can be deceiving, as he is not above using his daughter as the subject for his experiments in trying to create talking chimeras. He spliced her up and combined her with her pet dog to create a horrid creature. It comes to no surprise that he is even here, as Shou Tucker is as infamous as they come when we’re talking about bad dads.


Soujirou Izumi (Lucky Star)


He’s not really a bad dad, just a bad example for his daughter, however, he is REALLY unlike all the fathers mentioned above, as he genuinely loves his daughter above all else.

Genma Saotome (Ranma 1/2)


Like Soujirou, he is treated more like a bad example than a bad father, though he has put his son into mortal danger a lot of times. He loves his son, and is not above giving him tough love in order to make him a proper man.

Son Goku (Dragon Ball)


Oh Goku, if only you cared more about Gohan and Goten than training and fighting, you would have really been an awesome father. For a guy who saved the world over a dozen times already, would it hurt to actually care about sending Goten to school by trying to earn a living?