The mecha anime, Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars, is one of the newest anime to air this summer 2016 season. However, fans of the original anime were given some bad news as the anime will be halting its broadcast for a month after airing its fourth episode.


The anime is going on a one-month hiatus because the staff has said that there is a difference between the anime’s current quality and the quality they intended it to have. During the broadcast hiatus, there will also be an adjustment of the schedule and structure of the anime’s production. To fill the void, the first four episodes will once again be aired during the timeslot for the anime’s respective broadcasters.

The hiatus has also affected the anime’s Blu-ray and DVD releases. Vol. 1 will be delayed by one month and will now be released on 2nd November.

The anime has gotten quite a following, especially with both yuri fans and mecha fans, with the latter loving the anime for its yuri-esque plot.

Source: Regalia official