The Evolution Championship series is the most prestigious and respected fighting game tournament in the world as it features some of the biggest names in the fighting games field like Daigo and Justin Wong. However, one seiyuu got to rub shoulders with the biggest fighting game players on Earth, and even joined the action! Enter Kana Ueda!


The seiyuu best known for voicing Fate’s Rin Tohsaka is actually an avid gamer herself, and she is definitely no stranger to fighting games, having voiced Rachel Alucard from the Blazblue franchise. She loves fighting games so much that she actually flew to Las Vegas to participate in the tournament!

The seiyuu actually came with Arc System Works producer, Mori, the creator of Blazblue, and she seems to have enjoyed her time in Vegas!

While many might count her out, she has proven that she is quite good herself, winning third place in a side tournament for Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost. While the side tournament may not have been considered to be as big as the main tournaments like Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Xrd, Super Smash Bros, Mortal Kombat X, and others, winning third in the world’s biggest fighting game tournament is actually quite an achievement.


Source: @uedakana